Knitscene Spring 2009

Yesterday, before the white heaven descended (aka snow), I received my new copy of Knitscene.

This issue (Spring 09), as in all the issues, are some really cute projects. By first glance, I like the sixteen-point tee by cathy carron and broad street hoodie by faina goberstein.

In this issue, I have 2 projects both are some quick accessories. One is a hat and mitten set, Street-smart Hat and Mittens, made from louet's wonderful gem's merino. I adore their color line, it's so much fun to mix and match. These guys I was picking from colors from my summer wardrobe. I kept thinking that summer colors would make winter so cheerful. You can see some more pictures here on flickr. The hat and mittens have a knitted ribbing, and if you don't knit, you can always substitute some sc blo (single crochet in the back loop) ribbing instead.

The other project, Mumzy Scarf, is a bit of cute neck candy. Something fun to throw on to brighten your winter wear. It is made from Sheep Shop's Number 1 which gives a cute halo to the flowers. The flowers are crocheted all separately, then connected by crocheting a chain ladder on the back. This joins them and creates opportunities to hook the flowers through to connect the scarf. So you can wear it like a keyhole scarf or like a long necklace. The project is easy, but I will admit you need to read the directions a few times. It may help to look at the stitch diagram too. Here is one for the small mum (the large mum is similar in construction), you will need to read the written directions while looking at the diagram, but I think it will clear up any questions. My best advice, is to just go for it, don't worry if you totally get it, but just start crocheting and it will work out. (btw, my diagrams are for your help only. I really don't want them to be used for any other purpose then to advise.)

Well, I'm off to play with the monkey in the white heaven that is all around the ground. She just can't get enough of it.

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