Amazing Stellar Incredible: Superior Crochet

I have to give a big huge hug to Kristin and Doris (and Tahki Stacy Charles for that too) for their new booklet, Superior Crochet.

For some previews and backstories, check out Doris's and Kristin's blog.

I am a huge fan of both of them for always knocking my socks off with their incredible designs and for being incredibly great people.

This is definitely a book you will want to bug your local yarn store in getting. I for one can not wait until TNNA next week and will get to see all the projects in person and ooh and aah over them with Doris and Kristin.

Super huge mazel tov to you both!


Pyo said...

Beautiful cover. I too have been really impressed by what i've seen so far.
The title is so right!

SAM said...

Crochet pattern support of this caliber is THE reason we are looking at bringing TSC into Yarntopia. Can't wait.