A New Friend for your Furry Friend

It must be "projects coming out of the closet day" today!

I saw today that my little KCT buddy is now available at Knit and Crochet Today. Since I still don't get the episodes, I was not sure when the Giraffe was coming, and to my surprise here he is! (I think I will be able to start seeing them in mid Dec on PBS, which I am totally stoked to do!) He's on Episode 208, Feltable Fun.

And fun he is! I crocheted him on my flight home to passover dinner last April, and had my nephew help me decide where to place his ears and tail. The little guy is felted so it can be a toy for the big guys too. Actually, Faye has one similar and loves carrying it around as her baby.

He was really fun to create on the go. It was the best to see the stewardess's or fellow passenger's reactions while I was crocheting up this little guy.

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Kendra said...

So cute! I love it!