Been Blowin'

Been Blowin'....

my nose, that is.

Sorry I have been so quiet on the blog this week. I caught a cold in PA somewhere and it took everything out of me. I'm firmly on the mend finally after 10 days, thanks to some great antibiotics.

Good news was that I got a bit of swatching done while I was glued to bed. Which is actually perfect news seeing that in my future I have a ton of proposals I will be sending out. Proposals for what? You ask.

Well, .... There's always the next proposal for Interweave Crochet I need to do (that's 4 times a year), then there's the Knitscene proposal, and the Crochet Today proposal, and whatever other magazine/ yarn company's call that tickles my fancy. (There is one in particular now that I am working on, but I'm keeping that a super secret for fun.) But the big proposal, or better yet, proposalS.... are for two new books!

Yup, I am getting ready to get back on that design train again and steer it into the station. My goal is to send in a book proposal to Interweave Press (my publishers) by mid Dec, then work on another one and get it to them by mid Feb. If all goes well and they like them, then I might be working on a new book soon! How fun, right? Of course, I'll take you all with me for the ride and let you know how it goes and if any get accepted.

Till any of the new proposal (mag/ yarn company/ book) work breaks, I am crocheting for me. I know I only do that once in a blue moon. Well, the moon must be blue because I am! I'm working on a Ridge Swing Cardigan for me over the holiday. And a neck muffler (pic above) too. Because of course I have to have at least two projects going on at once!

Hope you all have a great Holiday. Eat lots, and relax with some crafting. (or at least that's my plan!)


Way Out Wear said...

Oh that swatch looks very interesting!
Love your work and can't wait to see what you'll do next.

Hope you feel better soon!

Gigi said...

Love the color play in that swatch! Cannot wait to see what it grows up to be. =-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Carmen said...

Hope you feel better soon!
i like the colors of your work.