More from Denver

Marly, from Yarnthing, has uploaded some more pics from our trip to Denver. You can check them all out here on flickr. Below are some of my favorites:

Marly and Me- aren't we cute?

Heather modeling Courtney- I think she likes it, don't you? She was a great sport for modeling!

Angela modeling the Dream Motif Tunic- I adore how cute she looks in it. I was tempted to give it to her, but I like it a bit too much. Plus, she is wearing it backwards. I love it! How cool is that on her it looks so cute with that little dip at the neck line in the front?

Me in Marly's Comfy Cardi- How wild is this? Not only do I get to admire another crocheter's work, I got to try it on! Marly is teaching a class at Knit Knack on the Comfy Cardi, well I think she is on her third class of it, so really she is now more the expert then I am! Also, if you zoom in, I'm wearing the Heather earrings from the book

Thank you for all the pictures, Marly!

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