Getting back on my horse

madison in beads
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I have no idea what it is about traveling, but it always seems to take me 2 days for every one I am gone to recover.

This week has just flown by and I can honestly say I have made very very little progress on anything. Last week, was all production all the time. I made this little bracelet (see above) for my jewelry class on Sunday. (And just because I wanted a new bracelet too. It's the madison scarf from my book, made in thread and beads.)

This week I have 2 garments I am working on (or not working on- as the case is actually). Sure they are due next week, but my productivity is super low. I emptied the dishwasher and did a victory dance that I accomplished anything this week.

Hee hee, oh well; some weeks are like that. I hope you guys are super productive this week. I will have a few new things for you all next week, if I can get my horse moving again.


Unknown said...

ha, I had a WAY super productive week! I was asked last week to write an article like the one I wrote for the current IC, and design a pattern for a book. Piece of cake, right? WRONG! I was given less than a week to do it!

So I've got a cute beret pattern with 2 testers now, and a 600 word article, and an essay that needs finishing today for the Voice of Democracy that's with the VFW.
I'm weary, and as they say, no rest for the weary!!

Pyo said...

I wasn't very productive either... Must have something to do with the fact it was raining all day long, all week long (except for one day) and I was freezing... even the guinea pig was low.

Well, tomorrow is another day, I'll get back on saddle too!