Interweave Crochet Fall Preview

I'm going to say it... BEST ISSUE EVER!

Have you see it?
The Interweave Crochet Fall issue is amazing!

I don't even know where to begin.

All the garments are fabulous. I love each one more then the next. Julia's circular yoke sweater, Drew's cabled top, and Kristin's cardigan are all to die for. But there's more! You have to check out Doris's skirt, and Amy's tunic, and Annie's colorwork bag, and Annette's lace scarf, and Marly's gloves.... Honestly there is not one eh project in the bunch. It is just a fantastic issue. I am now dying to get my copy and see all the details up close.

This issue is pretty special to me too. The two projects I have in it I absolutely adored. I loved designing them, and with the cardigan crocheting it. (Ginny crocheted the muffler for me, thanks again, Ginny!) I am pretty close to saying that the cardigan is my all time favorite project I have designed thus far... almost my favorite- it's definitely in the top three.

The cardigan has a fun construction that kept me interested and crocheting away. I think in my sneak preview I said it took 4 days to crochet, and that's no lie. The sweater is started in the bottom corner and crocheted diagonally to the center. Then the other corner is started and crocheted diagonally also to the center. Both corners are then joined and the rest is worked in a big V up to the top. It's just fun, you will have to try it. The look is super flattering too with all the diagonal lines pointing towards the center. I like it wrapped at the waist and with a big belt or loosely open as they show it too. Here are some more pics of the cardigan on flickr.

The muffler is just heavenly. It is made from Royal Alpaca, that is just delectable. So yummy. As I said in my sneak preview it was totally inspired my obsession with Jane Austen. So when I looked today, I was so happily surprised to see they changed the name to Austen Lace. How awesome is that? Here are some more pics of the muffler on flickr.

There is one other surprise in the issue, but I'll wait until it is in my hands before I tell you guys about it.

Going back to check out all the awesomeness now!


Michelle said...

Oh, I saw it! And I've already queued it on Ravelry! Amazing work, Robyn, and amazing work IC as well.

I absolutely love this magazine. Can't wait to get it in the mail!

YarnThing said...

OMG...this IS the best issue EVER!!! Amazing!

Now, about your last sentence...that just is not nice to not tell us more ;-) LOL


P.S. Can't wait for you to come to Colorado...did you get my message the other night?

Vashti Braha said...

Robyn, it's a wonderful issue and it wouldn't be the same without your two designs!!

June (planetjune) said...

Ooh, I love your cardigan design! And I really like some of the other projects too - I think I'm going to have to pick up this issue :)

Chie said...

I totally agree!!!
I LOVE your cardigan and muffler. I'm definately going to get this issue and making them too!

Unknown said...

It is so totally the best issue ever!!! My mom even loved every piece, and she's extremely picky!!

But what makes this issue even more spectacular is that I wrote an article in it!! I wrote the article about myself that is appearing as a magazine feature! I'm SO excited!!!!!!!!

And your top is great. I think I'll end up making everything in the magazine. And I REALLY love your neckwarmer. I'm going to make one to go with my new winter coat =)


SylvChezPlum said...

I agree that this looks like a fantastic issue, can't wait to see it in my hands.. Both of your designs are great, the cardi looks really interesting to crochet and also nice to wear..!

Unknown said...

Hi Robyn!
I got to go to the Interweave Launch Party, and I got a picture in your sweater!! I'm doing a 1 or 2 week series about the party on my blog, and I'll post pictures of myself in it, too!!
Chelsea, aka crochetcollection
p.s. I loved wearing the sweater and the muffler! My mom is going to make me a muffler for my birthday or Christmas! Yay!!