i Design

This month is catch up month for me. I am a whirlwind of design fury (or at least I like to think that).

Up on my plate are 3 new designs for CBF (and Stitch Coop) using Sheep Shop Yarn plus organizing and reviewing my handouts for 4 classes I'm teaching in Denver at the end of the month.

This week I am focused on finishing 2 larger designs so I can get my wonderful crocheters, crocheting.

The first I finished up on Monday, and even though its only in symbol form, I am in love with it.

It all started with this swatch. Then moved to this swatch, then finally became this swatch. There is nothing more rewarding then thinking in crochet stitches and gently coaxing them to the size and drape you are looking for. That is exactly what happened with this design. The original motif was a 10 point flower, which was lovely on its own; but when combining it got a little tricky. So I changed it to an eight point flower, and suddenly its super easy to combine.

The design is an off the shoulder- convertible cowl neck- sweater. The body is tight around the shoulders then gently swings out from under the bust line to the hips. In my head, its really really cute and will be fun for layering this fall.

Of course, I will keep you posted on its progress. And with any luck it should be ready by the end of October, for its debut!


Jessica said...

The drawing of it looks adorable and I really like the look of those flowers...I can't wait to see it all worked up!

Anonymous said...

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