Sneak Preview Weekly

Circling Sneak Peek

This week has been all about color for me. The project above is an in-progress and a sneak peek shot all in one. All I will say is that it is a project for a magazine and leave it at that, since really it's the stitch and color that I am loving.

The stitch pattern is a simple repeat, that I have used in all sorts of projects from blankets (like a recent Baby Shower gift) to garments (like the Rachel Swing Jacket from my book). It's really rhythmic in nature and makes it easy to crochet while doing anything really. I like coming up with new ways to use it in completely different projects.

The color palette is pretty much my MO. It's the palette I live in and wear every day. As you know, its hard for me to move beyond sometimes. And I'm happy this time it all is seeming to jive.

Now back to work on the finishing touches.


Me said...

Wow. The stitch pattern combined with the color changes is really striking. I hope you'll let us all know in which magazine this gets published!!

Mary Sarah said...

Love the color combo! Very nice!