Continuing Education

I am having one of those days that can quickly remind you that you are only human.

Yesterday I was feverishly finishing up a cardigan, for as you know from my previous post tomorrow is Friday which means deadline; and I realized to my horror that it is not working out. Mainly because I wasn't taking the time to really focus on what I was doing, and just racing through the work. (That post I wrote on Monday is totally telling me "I told you so") Double Grr.

My natural tendency is to freak out. What can I say, I'm a really emotional gal; but I know freaking out serves no purpose and only wastes energy and time. So before I feel like my head is going to pop off, I breathe. Then my mission impossible super crisis coach comes out and we figure out a plan to "make it work". Mainly the plan is to rip it out and redo the offending part.

It happens to everyone. You get so far and just realize, ugh this is not what I want. So I am sticking to my goal, and going to rework the cardigan until I am happy with it. Because turning in something that I am not happy with, is not an option. It's all about the quality not the quantity. (My mantra today).

The side story to my rushing, is that our family is coming in today for a long visit. We have planned many fun activities; like dinner on the river, day at the ballpark, shopping and catching up. But with my oops I to fix; I may just have to put them to work. I don't think there should be too much harm in asking them to wind yarn while we chat or play with the princess while I finish writing. Anyway, my moral to this story- is sometimes taking your own advice is really best.

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