Never Say Never

This summer has all been about things I never thought I would be doing, I am doing.

Like, I thought I was going to slow down this summer to relax from all the work from the books. But as things have it, crochet projects broke unexpectedly as simultaneously my day job got incredibly busy and I am running around like a chicken. Funny. It's just amazing how you can work through a challenge if you really put your mind to it. Granted life's all a balance and a few things had to slip; like cleaning and weeding- but who likes that anyway?

Another surprise is the project I am working on now. It's crocheted socks. I know, I have said I don't like crocheted socks because you have to do 2 and I don't like crocheting any project twice. But oddly enough, I do now. Who knows why, but its calming to work these socks a bit at a time. They go slow, but its a nice balance to do something slow when my life is so nutty right now.

Or odd work projects I am doing right now. For example, yesterday morning I was climbing around a grain silo for a renovation we are doing. Odd for me, since I usually only work on old buildings not old silos, but hey they both need to stand up and I can do that.

Or planning a book tour. Who would have thought that anyone would be interested in having me come teach, let alone a bunch of shops in a bunch of cities. I chuckle to myself every time a shop agrees to have me come out. I have the inner dialogue of "Really?" "really, really Robyn". I am so excited to go visit all these shops and teach my way of crocheting, that I can barely contain my excitement when I get an email or call from each of them. (Once everything is finalized, I'll let you know where I'll be when in case you want to come visit. If you have a shop you would really like me to come visit, just let me know.)

Or even all the travel this summer. Like this month, I basically won't be home any weekends. The 4th my fam and bro came to visit, so we where tourists in our own city (which we love doing!). Last weekend was a family gathering in PA with all my siblings (its a 9 hour drive home). This weekend is a wedding in State College of a really dear friend of ours (since we were married there too - we couldn't not pass up the opportunity to go). The following weekend Mom and I will be in Manchester for the CGOA Convention (which I'll be teaching, promoting Knit and Crochet Today, promoting Blueprint Crochet, and promoting Mission Falls Goes Crochet- more on all of that soon too). I'm going to have laundry piled to the ceiling by the time I get back from NH.

So yes, for me I have definitely learned to never say never, b/c I really don't know what life will deal me next. It's been a pretty interesting summer so far. With that in mind, I really apologize if I haven't responded to your email or IM. I'm working on it, I promise!

While I go back to running around like a nut, I'll leave you with this pic of Faye. She thinks my running around is funny. Is she cute or what?


juliloquy said...

I'm glad Philly is on that list!

Courtney said...

I thought you were making those half gloves that pop stars wore in the 80s. I was so glad to read that they are socks.

X said...

Socks!!! Yay, socks!