Interweave Crochet Summer 2008

Boy its going to be a great summer!

Have you checked out the latest Interweave Crochet? There's some great stuff in there! Did you see the Reader's Gallery? How great is that going to be in the magazine. I now can't wait for the next issue to see even more projects that people make from the magazine. How about you?
There were a bunch of great projects this time, but I have to tell you I fell in love with one. Yup, Sir Stephen, the Bunny by Donna Childs. How cute is this little guy? There is something about the double crochet stitches that make him even cuter to me. He is definitely going on my queue (ravelry), especially since we are all gaga over here because peanut is visiting. (I tried to teach her to crochet yesterday, but her mom thought she still may be a bit young. Got to start them young! )
Two other projects that caught my eye were Ocean Pearls Cardigan by Julia Vaconsin and Diamond Sage Wrap by Jill Wright. The ocean pearls has this great stitch pattern that looks like a bobble, but isn't. Instead of inserting your hook in the next stitch, you insert it around the last stitch you made. Its a great stitch, you can play with how long it is by varying the stitch you wrap around. The Diamond Wrap I got to see in person this weekend at TNNA. It is quite lovely. It's hard to tell in the photo, but it has amazing drape and looks stunning as a scarf as well. Keep Jill's and Julia's names handy, I know we will be seeing incredible designs from them in the future.
If you couldn't guess, my project in the issue is the Gladiolus Vest. (big surprise right? I do love my granny squares.) The sneak preview was taken on a very cold day in February. Not to far from my initial sketch of the project either. It was just one of those projects that you dream up and know in your bones that you are going to love it. And I did love every part, from crocheting to writing to editing. I am quite thrilled with the photography of the vest. Here are my shots before I sent it off: Front and Back. I love working with Love, if you haven't tried it don't because it will totally spoil you for all other summer yarns. Bamboo and Silk- what's not to love right? (or be obsessed with...) If you are wondering, I picked up that buckle at JoAnns, I did that on purpose so that if you guys wanted it to it would be pretty easily available.
Ok, I'm diving back into the mag and then my stash to make that bunny. Hope you guys enjoy the magazine too!


SAM said...

Hey Robyn, I'm swatching for Gladiolus tonight. I'm using RYC's Luxury Cotton DK - it is a silk & cotton blend. I want to have it finished to wear at Chain Link next month.

Anonymous said...

I know. I'm buying a copy tomorrow at my LYS!!!

So excited for some of these patterns!