Book Review: Uncommon Crochet

Book Review:

by Julie Armstrong Holetz

The title is true to form. You certainly won't be disappointed if you are looking for some uncommon crochet. Julie is certainly brimming with creativity, and you can see that on every page of this book. Julie is also my editor on Blueprint Crochet, and I totally heart her since she "gets" me. So you know going in that you are going to get great information, and the patterns are going to be fun and easy to follow, you just know its going to be awesome. I loved it so much I renewed it 3 times (the limit) at the library to keep it longer.

The Goods:

Julie discussed literally everything about crochet. From the basics of stitches, to blocking, to working in the round, to felting, to creativity. I love her creativity sections. Its all about how to move beyond your typical crochet. You can try cool materials; like hemp, leather, or wire. You can try neat structures, like vases or baskets. Or fun finishing processes; like cutting and embroidering a felted bag or stiffening lace to make a vase. My favorite patterns are over on the right. I adore the wire pin, the felted bag, and lacy vase. (She totally had me at the vase. Mixing structure and lace- what's not to love.)

The Hums:
The only hum is where's the next book? I love Julie's creativity and spark so much, I can't wait for the next one.

The Lowdown:
Bags- 14
Vases- 3
Home Accessories- 5
Jewelry- 1

So if you are looking for some fun projects this summer, I totally recommend picking up her book. I can't wait to get started playing with new techniques myself!

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Julie said...

Thanks for the review, Robyn! You made my day. Now, maybe, I'm ready to get back on that horse and think up a second book.