Virtual Yard Sale

**Edited to Note- all the "buy it now" is expired, since you wonderful crafty bidders have bid or bought on all the lots. Thank you bunches and bunches! I am overjoyed that these all will be leaving my house soon! The auctions end Monday so there is plenty of time to bid if you want to. If not, I'll be posting more auctions on Monday, if you are looking for more bargain basement (or my craft closet) deals. Thank you again and again for taking my stuff, I think I will be able to start actually seeing the floor in my room soon and that's totally exciting to me. Oh, and don't forget to enter the giveaway. Details below**

Virtual Yard Sale (aka Destash Extravaganza)

Since the yard sale is in full swing in Cincinnati, I was inspired this week to start cleaning out my craft room (aka the spare room) so that theoretically a person could walk around in it. Oh yes, not only was it a disaster, it was stuffed full of stuff. So what's annoying to me, hopefully will be good news for you! Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be listing a ton (almost literally) of yarn, supplies, bags, and books I want to see leave my house. There will definitely be something for everyone from 2gal mystery bags filled with yarn to all sorts of treasures I have picked up over the years. I am trying to break everything up into sizes that one, I know won't cost a fortune to ship, and two, make some sort of sense. If you are looking for a deal, I probably have it. I am basing all my prices on half of the cheapest price I know I have seen the yarn go for. Here are my first eBay listings:

Cotton Yarn - 2 lots
Totally bought these to make some cute kid clothes since they come in great colors and are machine washable.
Yarn Specs: Knit Picks Shine Sport and Crayon

Alpaca Yarn- 2 lots
I have a total addiction to alpaca yarn, and I always seem to buy twice what I need. Some of these where made into my comfi cardi or scarfs or hats through the years. I hope you love them as much as I did.
Yarn Specs: Elann.com Pure Alpaca Fina, Baby Silk, Misc Quechua, and Lavish

Felting Yarn- 2 lots
Pulled out all my felting wool yarn and was surprised at all the fun colors I have collected over the years.
Yarn Specs: Patons Classic Merino, Cascade 220, Kramer Naturally Nazareth, and more

2 balls of really nice mercerized cotton that would really make a cute summer top. Comes with a swatch I was working on for the top in an F hook.
Yarn Specs: Ornaghi Filati Echo Flash, 150g/435m per ball, sport weight, machine washable, dry flat. Colors- Lime to Teal variegated
Buy it now-(expired) Bidding at 4.99$

I used to make everyone a bag. It was silly how many I have made over the years. I must have burnt out, b/c I haven't used them in years. This lot is my vintage fun plastic handles that I have used for handles and bag sides.
Specs: 22 handles of misc size and shape. Range from oval, circles, rectangles and D-shapes.
Buy it now (expired) Bidding at 2.47$

Mystery Bag of Yarn- 2 Lots
Who doesn't love surprises? I know I do. These bags come with at least 16 balls of yarn plus a bag buttons. Yarn ranges from sock yarn to afghan yarn. Buttons are from my eclectic collection.
Buy it now -(expired) Bidding at 0.99$ Lot 2

If you are interested, you can check out my eBay listings. I have to say I almost cried at giving away my babies, but I know you guys will make amazing things with them.
oh, and I almost forgot. Every week I'll be posting a giveaway as well. This week leave a comment (or email me) by Saturday May 24th on your best yard sale find and you will be entered to win this lot of Crochet Today magazines. I'll randomly pick the winner and post the winner in a week (Monday May 26th).
Speaking of finds, I wanted to mention that Marly has made some really cute stitch markers for sale on her site. Go check them out too when you get a chance.


Unknown said...

wow, this is exciting! I'm lusting after your alpaca yarn, but the cotton yarn is tempting also. My best find at a yard sale? Well, at my church we have a "Grand Garage Sale" every year and I love raiding the crafts supplies that are brought in. One year we had a bucket full of beautiful old buttons- clearly from someone who had been saving them their whole life. I carried it off, and I love going through them and finding matches or buttons that liven up different outfits.

Also, one year I found some beautiful silk yarn that just flows when I use it. It's the devil to work with because it never stays in any type of ball or other way to wrap it, but it is worth it because it is simply, simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous everything is! I wish I could bid for some of it.
We don't have yard sales in India, but my best sale find would be Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Without Tears at a used books sale for a real pittance :) Since then I live in hope (never justified yet, though).

Pyo said...

My God! this knit picks butter looks yummy enough to EAT!

My best find at a yard sale wasn't on a yard sale but it could have, it was an old lady saling things from her family attic on e-bay, I bought her a haipin lace fork, it was stil inn very good shape, she wrote to tell me her great-grandmother used it to make curtains and window shades on a barge, on the Dordogne river. I thought it was esquisite to perpetuate the memory of those times by using this fork. I like to think of this lady's barge when I use it.