Virtual Yard Sale + Giveaway

Hope all of you had a great Memorial Day Weekend with cook-outs and fun in the sun. I took a mini-break from editing to enjoy it myself as well, and to get some more lots ready for you lovely readers.

This week I am bringing you 8 lots of yarn at my bargain basement deals. You can see the complete list here at eBay. This weeks auctions will end next Monday at 11pm EST.

But before I get into that, I want to congratulate:

PYO! You are our winner of last week's giveaway. Send me an email with your address and I'll get the magazines in the mail to you. Her favorite find was a hairpin lace fork that the previous owner used to make curtains for her barge. Pretty cool huh? My favorite find was these old postcards from the 60s, that we framed and have hanging up. The are of funny areas in PA (like the turnpike).

This week's giveaway will be for this collection of books. Leave me a comment or email me by Sunday at midnight with your favorite community activity. That could be doing a virtual knit-a-long to a community block party. Anything that you do with others that you want to share. I'll pick the winner Monday and announce her on the blog.

This weeks lots are hot. So hot, that one already sold. Oops. I'm just not quick enough with typing! ***edited to note: YOU GUYS! I love you guys! In 2 hours of posting all but 2 of the lots were sold. THANK YOU! Big huge grin!**

There's the lot of Luna yarn, Wool yarn, and Mohair yarn (SOLD). (the lot of Simply Soft already sold, sorry!) All of these I wanted to use to make garments at one point in time. I still think they would make fabulous wearable, if only I had the time. The luna is so silky and light, would make lovely summer clothes. The Soft Wools scream contemporary aran sweater to me. And the mohair calls to me to be unique scarves. But my loss is your gain! These range from a buy it now of 15$- 20$ or you can bid on them starting at 5$-8$.

(SOLD) And this time I have 4 lots of mystery yarn broken down my color. There's Oranges, Blues, Browns, and Naturals. Each one comes with at least 10 balls (most with 12 or more), plus a bonus crochet or knitting magazine from my stash. The yarn in the bags range from cashmere to hemp yarn, from sock yarn to sweater yarn, from wool yarn to boucle yarn, and everything in between. These guys have a super low buy it now at 4.99$, or you can start bidding on them for only 99 cents.
For all you lucky winners of last weeks auctions, I hope you love the yarn that's coming your way. I sure have over the years!
With that I'm back to editing full time, I'll be back around next time I get to have a break.


Lauren said...

My favorite community activity is getting together with 2 different groups of women to make baby hats for the hospital where my daughters were born (all babies get hats - not just preemies) and prayer shawls for folks who need them. My hubby likes to joke about how I go hang out with the "old ladies", but I have lots of fun. I have met some great women and value the time we get to share together.

ikkinlala said...

They don't have them these days, as there are now far fewer families around with young kids, but when I was young I used to love the family dances they had at the community hall. Maybe I just felt grown up because I was allowed to stay up late.