Sneak Preview Weekly

Sneak Preview Weekly

Issue #11: Fall Accessory

Just yesterday I put the finishing touches on this cutie and sent it off to the magazine. It is so adorable, I can not tell you how cute I think it came out. I was inspired by the Jane Austen Series * that PBS was running a while ago, and sketched out a number of designs inspired from the movies. All the designs are uber feminine, ruffly, shapely, and very romantic. I was thrilled when one of the super duper magazines asked me to do this project, because it was the pinnacle for me of all my designs. You can see it is lacy and ruffly, and will have to take my word that it is super cute until I can brag about it more this fall. I will tell you it's a fall accessory that would really look cute under jackets, but that's all. The other funny thing about this design is that I sketched it and designed it in the span of 2 hours maybe. It was just one of those designs that flew out of me so quickly, I just had to make sure my typing could keep up. I was lucky enough to have my super crocheter, Ginny, help me with the crocheting while I was off in Detroit taping. She did a beautiful job on it, so much so that I wore it around the house Monday b/c it was cold and I refused to turn back on the heat. (I also refuse to turn on the a/c, but that's what makes spring fun. right? You never know if its going to be a beautiful 60 degrees, or a chilly 30 degrees or a miserable 90 degrees.) I'll, of course, let you know all the specifics of what it is and where you can find it once the magazine comes out. Till then, this little peek at fall.
*Did any of you catch the series? Man it was awesome! I totally can't decide if I want to ask for the series on DVD or a steamer for my birthday.

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DesiLoop said...

Looks Great !!! Will look forward to seeing it when published.
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