Things we see on our walk

Yesterday was amazingly beautiful here in Cincinnati, so instead of sticking to my computer, Faye and I look a long stroll through our neighborhood. Spring comes so fast that I wanted to capture some of the changes before they burst upon us.

Our neighborhood
We live in the oldest area of Cincinnati, which looks a lot like San Francisco with its steep hills and painted ladies (old Victorian homes). I love when spring comes, and we get to watch who will be changing colors this year. We at least have a handful change colors every year, and its amazing to watch the progress. We live at the bottom of the street, so on our walk up to the park we get a great survey of all the houses.

One of my favorite things to do is to imagine, what the flowers and leaves will look like when they finally spring.

Endless inspiration. Although Faye was getting a bit bored with me by now. You can see her, "we gotta go" in her shadow.

Alms Park has some great structures that you can play in. Faye's favorite is this area, which is also a really popular place for weddings. I am partial to the overlook that you can see the river, downtown, and Kentucky. Faye doesn't so much care for it though, b/c she always wants to run back to where the kids are playing.

The best part

So that's my neighborhood. How about you guys? I'd love to see where you live too. If you are up for a little assignment, I'd love to post links to your blogs that show off your neighborhood. Feel free to drop the link here in the comments or in my inbox (contact info on the right). I'll post the links as I get them. On May 1st (which gives you a couple of weeks), I'll pick one link at random to receive a special prize.


Sarah said...

Hey, we live pretty close to each other! I'm jut over in Walnut Hills, off McMillan.

Anonymous said...

That looks absolutely gorgeous, especially the blossoms!

juliloquy said...

So fun to see your 'hood! You may have seen my two posts from last year about my walk to work. I miss it - now we're doing the crazy public transit to get the kids in to daycare.

Happy spring and happy 10 years!

Robyn said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I adore our corner of the world. Then again I love all neighborhoods when they are special to the ones living there.

And Julie, you totally inspired me to write this post! I have been brewing about it for a while.

Laura said...

Hey, another "Buckeye", LOL! I had no idea you live in Ohio! I'm in Cleveland (well, one of the suburbs)! What beautiful houses! I adore old houses!