Backstage Pass Part 1

You are all invited on my backstage tour of Knit and Crochet Today!

We have Amy Butler fabric, beautiful Vogue accessories, plaster makeup, funny shoes, and lots and lots of yarn!

I pulled into town (Detroit, MI) yesterday a bit exhausted and out of it from my merry weekend at home (I had to be up at 4am to catch one flight then drive 4 hours to Detroit, so I was tired that alone besides my super fun weekend.) But it is hard to say exhausted when you get to stay at the Inn, where they take care of everything for you. The Inn's rooms are large and beautiful. My room has mission inspired furniture and a lovely nook to get work done in. The inn is comprised of a bunch of houses that all have a couple of rooms in each one with a parlor common room. We have taken over ours in our house to chit chat and crochet or knit all night long. Really its hard to imagine a nicer location to hang out with some of the great names in knitting and crocheting. Who am I with? Well, there's Candi Jensen (our fair producer- yes I know I am with my crochet idol!), Brett Bara (editor of Crochet Today- and a fantastic crocheter/ knitter extraordinaire herself- I mean have you seen her blog?), and Maggie Pace (who is the queen of felting and teaching me a ton!).

We started our day today by unpacking our wardrobe in the "Red Room" aka Maggie and Robyn's room. Maggie and I got a chuckle that we both brought or nearly brought the exact same clothes. Which works our great because we can mix and match everything we have for even more looks.* Then off to makeup. Which takes longer then you think. Its amazing how much makeup you need to look "normal" on TV. I say "normal" b/c normal is wakeup and put on moisturizer and mascara if i remember. Amanie makes you look really really good. Plus, she's great at the tips to help stay looking good. Then it was off to reviewing the segments for today. While reviewing the segments and projects we get to swim in yarn to make the step outs for each one. The back stage area would be a crocheter's dream with all the stitch dictionaries, yarn, hooks, and notions we have lying around. We practice and play until the director calls for us on set. Where the magic happens...

Which I will continue next time... with some of my favorite parts of the set and a couple of TV tricks I have learned.

* Why yes, that is a large wardrobe I have in that pictures. 13 episodes worth actually... More on why I have so much clothes later...

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