TNNA Summer 2008

So who was wondering about that * in my last post?

That's what happens when you have crochet dancing in your head.

What I meant to say, is that I will be teaching an abbreviated version of "Beyond the Afghan" at TNNA this summer in Columbus, OH. I am very excited about being given the opportunity to teach at TNNA. I have adored all the classes I taken thus far, and I am so excited to share some of my knowledge back with every one. The class is all about using granny squares to make interesting lace that you can use in basically anything. I (if you couldn't tell) use it all the time in my garments (little sneak preview- you will see a lot of this construction in both of my books this fall as well as some of my magazine work). Its a thing of mine, I guess. I just think it's so cool to watch one block connect with another to become something even cooler. Anyway if you are a member and are interested, I believe sign up begins March 24.

I hope to see you there!

Beyond the Afghan Saturday Morning, June 7th 8am-10am

Come with me and learn how to transform granny squares into amazing lace for sweaters and fun motifs for unique jewelry! Learn to read crochet symbols and make them your new best friend. Also, practice different fun lacy granny squares from reading crochet diagrams. Learn how to read layout diagrams and how to play with blocks to get your own customized sweaters, vests, boleros, and more. Learn how to join granny squares in a variety of ways using only crocheting. That's right, no sewing required! Learn finishing techniques to transform your projects from ho-hum to wow-wow. Take away: Packet of how to read crochet symbols, granny square diagrams, crochet joining, and finishing techniques.

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