Sneak Preview Weekly

Sneak Preview Weekly

Issue #8: Men's

Ok, so I just realized I made a slight oops in one of my last weekly issues. This project is actually the last one I have to show you on my booklet, and not the car coat. What can I say I was pretty sick when I wrote that one.

My wonderful cousin helped me with this project. We tag teamed the vest, which worked out to be awesome. I crocheted the top shoulder panels, so I could double check my pattern before I sent it to her. Then she crocheted all the gray body and ribbing for me. I set in the zipper and away it went. It was so much fun working with my cousin this way. Have I mentioned how much I adore her?

Growing up I was the youngest girl and she was the oldest girl cousin. We really never played much together at all, since we would pair up by age. But funny how family works, the two of us are so alike in what we love to do. (Crocheting, of course) Its just so neat that years later we developed a great relationship all from crafting.

With that, this will be my last post on the booklet for a few weeks. But stay tuned, in a few weeks I will be announcing all the secrets of the booklet. Like who is the yarn company? Where will I be able to find the booklet? When is it coming out exactly? So, stay tuned. Till then happy crocheting!


Cara said...

I'm really excited to hear the details on the booklet--I've been enjoying all the sneak previews.

I attended your talk on becoming a yarn industry insider at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival, and I just wanted to let you know (a little belatedly) that I found it really informative and inspirational. Hearing the details of how the process works really helped! I'm hoping to attend the summer knit and crochet show professional development day and learn more. Meanwhile, I have a few ideas that I hope to submit for winter magazine issues. So, thank you!

Robyn said...

Thank you so much, Cara!

I hope you can make it to PDD day. I am really looking forward to teaching there. And you have a leg up, since you have already heard my talk you can spend more time hearing others!


Gina said...

oh...I can not wait to hear all the details. YAY!

Mary Sarah said...

Love this design too! My husband would love it too! Can't wait to hear the details of your booklet! Congratulations!

Rina said...

I can't wait until your book comes out. There are so few fashionable crochet garment patterns for men. I totally want to make this for my partner.