Sneak Preview Weekly

hibiscus sneak
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Sneak Preview Weekly
Issue #6

This pretty shot completes all my booklet shots that I have to share with you all. Its a cozy car coat that floats around the body. Hanging on the mannquin does nothing for it, its meant to be worn.

It would be the perfect sweater for me today. I seem to have picked up a cold somewhere along our travels this weekend, and would like nothing better then to curl up in something cozy like this with a cup (or ten) of tea and a good book.

Back to bed for me!


Jessica said...

The last booklet shot? How sad, now I'll just have to wait for the booklet! I've just recently discovered your designs and your blog and just love them! I look forward to the booklet

Mary Sarah said...

Another gorgeous design! I'm getting anxious to see the booklet now!