Sneak Preview Weekly

Sneak Preview Weekly: Issue #4

Romantic Dreaming

Another booklet project to look at this week. This time my talented cousin helped me crochet this adorable cardigan. Everything about it is adorable to me. The stitch pattern is textured and interesting, just like I was dreaming about. The sleeves set in so cutely with their small ribbing and slight puff. The wood buttons are fantastic against the slate blue color. I just love it all. Even Mr CBF gave his approval, so I know I have a good one here. I had to photograph this project twice. As you can see above the first time, it was quite lovely with all the winter shadows from the sunny beaming outside. Unfortunately, that does not make for the best photography when you are trying to get good stitch definition. Plus, my neighbor was talking on her cell phone, and must have had enough of me constantly running in and out of the house with Susie Q and started complaining loudly to whoever on the phone that she lived next to a crazy lady. Well, yes, I am crazy but come on. Its not that weird to stand outside on your front porch in your PJs taking pictures of your mannequin. Well maybe it is to non-stitchers, but not to us, right?
Ok, back to my cave to finish up a number of projects. I am hoping to emerge on more time this week to share another adorable project. Hope your week is going great!


Ginny said...

I love this one too! So when can we expect this booklet?

Michelle said...

Beautiful! I can't wait for this booklet to come out!