Sneak Preview Weekly

So as not to bore you and keep you on your toes, there have been a few other projects going on at the CBF headquarters besides my book and booklet. One of them is this cutie to the right. It will be out in a fantastic crochet magazine this year. It's made from Vickie Howell's Love yarn, which is just heaven to work with. It drapes so nicely and gives such nice definition to stitches.
This was one of those projects that from sketch to completion was a joy for me. Everything just seemed to fall into place for me. (Even the photography! This is from our hallway inside- I never get this usually- so I'm totally going with it's the project. It just has good karma.) Hopefully the editors will love it just as much as I do.
Speaking of photography. I have a bunch of projects all cued up to show you, as long as the photography gods stay with me, I should have a new sneak peek to gush over each week. Something for me to look forward to while we wait for spring to come.


Unknown said...

OOH! This is torture! Your snapshot looks so great!!! I can't wait to see what it is...

Unknown said...

Yay, I can't wait to see the whole thing! Thanks for using my yarn. I'm glad you dig LOVE as much as I do. :)

See you at CHA?


Robyn said...

Absolutely, Vickie! I love working with Love. It is really great yarn.

Have fun at CHA. I'm buried in edits for my book, and will be sitting that one out. Maybe I'll see you at TNNA this summer.


Unknown said...

Even the sneak peek is gorgeous! Congratulations on another great project. Also, pretty darn cool to have Vickie Howell comment!

Annette said...

If you hadn't said the picture was taken in your hallway, we would all have believed it was a shot from your huge studio, all painted in white, with large windows and beautiful wooden shelves where yarn and projects are lined up...

Love the sneek peak, and the swatch for the mens vest below looks fabulous!