Amazing Race Moment

Would you like an Amazing Race moment? Yes you say?

Then book a flight through Phoenix Airport. Be sure your flight in is on USAirways, and your connector is on Delta. Let yourself have about an hour between flights, and let the fun begin!

So while running through the terminal wondering 1) how to I get to the next terminal and 2) why don't they like signs here; I thought man I bet I will beat all the other passengers on my flight. (That is if any of them are also racing between the terminals to change flights to get home from TNNA.) And with triumph at my fingers, at the Delta gate; I can admit I did a little dance that I ran fast enough; caught the first terminal bus; to wait in the 40 min security line to re-check through; with 5 mins to spare before boarding my next flight. SUCCESS! (aka. I get to pee before getting on my 4 hour flight) Woo-hoo! That was my Sunday afternoon Amazing Race Moment.

Otherwise, TNNA was fun as usual. I got to catch up with friends (Hi everyone!), meet new friends (we got to meet Jess and Casey from Ravelry- totally awesome people), see new designs, play with new yarn, and learn a bit more about some secret projects of mine. (hee hee) Actually, those secret projects won't be secret for long; and you are going to LOVE what is in store this year. (Well, love it if you love yarn and crafts like I do.)

I got to take some really fun classes. Cat's sock class made total sense, and I got half way through a tiny baby sock. Brandon's class was really interesting to look into his color theory.

And the best part? I got to actually start a project for me! I decided that I wanted to start a Comfy Cardi just for me. I'm making it elbow length, and I almost finished the lace from all the plane rides.

So how was your weekend?


Memories of yesterday said...

I so want to start the comfy cardi pattern, but I need to get the right yarn to get the right guage. (So glad you got to pee! :D)

Robyn said...

Aaah- Gauge

Weirdly enough, even though its my pattern and I am using a thinner yarn- to get guage I went down a hook size. Bizarre.

I love it so far.

Jenni-Raie said...

hey i thought that comfy cardi looked familiar - it's in the flickr group i started! woot. i love that the people who make some of the patterns are in the same group as me. i feel touched by fame!