On a rainy sunday...

Things definitely did not go as planned this weekend. Mark and I both caught the annoying office cold this week. (You know the one that seems to go around the office non-stop from November to February, and infects every member of your household.) So all week we were down for the count until Sunday, which under normal circumstances would be fine; but we had a task to do. It was a simple task really, the publishers needed an author profile picture of me. Sounds easy. Take a picture of yourself- send it in. Well, not so easy when you are sick for a week, and the weather is rainy/ snowy for weeks on end.
So down to the wire, we hopped in the car; and drove around in the rain looking for good spots to take some pictures. We must have looked nuts. It was raining, and we are looking like we are sightseeing all the while hacking, coughing, and sneezing. Needless to say the pictures are hysterical. I'm all puffy from the cold, and making "lovely" faces being that I am standing in the rain.
These are my favorite shots. Crazy face and not looking at the camera. Ah oh well, you guys don't care what I look like, do you? I really do like crazy face the best- that's me all right.

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