Susie Q says YES

Nicki's Apron
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Yes you can create an apron in less then 2 hours, and still have time to make pies!

Really. No Joke. (I know some of you didn't believe my post on Monday that you really could do it.)

I made this cute apron yesterday afternoon in less then 2 hours. That's from the time I picked out the fabrics to the time I tried it on Susie. I'm not a fussy sewer. I cut/iron/sew blind- its fast and I really don't care enough to be perfect. Can I tell you how proud of myself I am? I will have to get my sister in law to model it tomorrow. Its a gift for her for hosting Thanksgiving. Crossing my fingers that she likes it. I was going for a 50s inspired feel. I hope I got it. Added bonus is that I used fabrics from my stash. The main background was a fabric I used to line a bag from the book. I love seeing things twice.

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Kellycat said...

That's adorable, and I'm sure she loves it! I have to admit to thinking... no it doesn't look that easy.