Crafty Hostess Gifts

Pumpkin hallSince it suddenly became holiday time (not quite sure how that snuck up on me again this year) with Thanksgiving this weekend, Chanukkah on the 4th, and the Christmas season right at their heels; I have been thinking about gifts a lot. This time of year is all about the parties for us, and I always feel the need to bring something homemade for the hostess. Who knows why I get so obsessed about it, but I do. And with my all "free" time, I knew I needed to think quick this year. So here's my top ten crafty quick hostess gifts:
1. Felted Pot Holders. Everyone needs them-and in my house they get lost all the time- so you know they will appreciate it.
2. Made Soap. Fancy bathroom soap, may seem a little too fussy, but come on. Who doesn't like when their hands smell good?
3. Sew them an apron. I have loved all the fun 50s inspired aprons that have been all over the web. And with Amy Butler's amazing fabrics and patterns- your friend is going to adore it.
4. Bake cookies. It saves them a dessert and makes your house smell yummy. A friend of ours just made these cookies and I can tell you first hand you will be wanting them everyday after your first bite.
5. Crochet a dishcloth. I am all about the useful gifts. Plus, you can use them to practice new stitches.
6. Give an herb garden. Package up some seeds, a tiny pot, some soil, and instructions. And your friends can have fresh herbs all winter long.
7. Make Chanukkah Candles. With all the nights of chanukkah, we go through a lot of candles. Making some special ones for the the first or last night is a super gift.
8. Crochet/ Knit Christmas ornaments. Make a tiny sweater or mitten or sock or snowflake.
9. Knit/ Crochet/ Felt a Tea Cozy. They are cute, plus paired with some lovely tea- they can make the day after clean up a bit more soothing.
10. Make a Kids Craft kit. This helps keep the little helpers out of the kitchen and away from the TV for some quality time with Aunt Robyn. I recommend non- messy crafts too. So I like making crocheted chain snakes, or hand knitting (Julie has a great tut on this), or weaving potholders.
Now my only problem is picking which one I want to do for Turkey Day.

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Deanna Barrett said...

Thanks for the gift ideas! I love handmade gifts, they are unique and the receiver knows that time & love have been put into them.