Sneak Peek - Winter Time

Sneak Peek - Scarf
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Even though its mid 90s today, it’s really winter time around here. Last week I finished this scarf for a winter issue and it kept everyone laughing when they asked what I was making. Evidently it’s weird to make a wool scarf in late August. Not in my world. I use wool and alpaca in the summer and cotton and linen in the winter- the life of working for magazines. So it was perfectly normal for me to be crocheting with wool while we all were lounging at the dock the other weekend.

The yarn in the scarf was new to me it’s from Mode Dea called Bamboo Wool. It is fabulous. The color is really rich, and the yarn was really great to work with. I literally flew through this project.

The project what is becoming classic Robyn. Lots of motifs. What can I say, I just love them!

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