Weeds can flower!

Weeds can flower
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Ooops. Guess we have been busy!
Can I just say it’s really not good when your weeds bloom into huge flowers. It’s like putting huge flashing lights in the hedges, and announcing to the neighbors, "Yes, we are lazy- and don't garden."
Boy I wonder what I have been up to, wink wink.

This weekend was the big shipping weekend. I have to say it was a bit sad on two fronts. One, to pack up and realize that all these pretty things that have been in your house for months, are all going bye bye- not to be seen for months- it’s kind of sad. Then two, to realize how hard you and your friends worked on them, and they all fit into 2 small boxes. It was kind of surreal.

I am slowly getting back on track around the house and writing. Ahh, back to writing. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy writing. Who knew? I love to crochet, but over the last few months I realized that I really love to write about crochet. Mark gets a lot more weird looks then I do when people ask him what I do. “Well, she’s an engineer and crochet designer.” “A what?” “A crochet designer, she’s writing a book.” “On what?” “On crochet”. “Why?” “Because she loves it.” And he’s right. I really do. Plus, it’s great to freak out the muggles.

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courtney said...

At least the flowers are pretty