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Working for the weekend
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Honestly, I have never thought about how weird us designers must look while we are working; until this past week.

The Crochet by Faye family took a bit off time off to go visit the extended family and for Mr CBF to go play (oh I mean volunteer) at the US Open. Of course, me being me. I took my work with me (its so easy to travel with you know- besides it being one of my favorite things to do.)

Anyway, I got myself all set up at the kitchen table. Laptop- check ... Yarn - check... tools- check.... moleskin- check.... coffee- check.... zillions of snack- check. I get into my groove...

Crochet a few little swatches, take some notes, calc some numbers, rip out the swatches, sketch some ideas, crochet some more, type a little, walk around to think, whoop it up when the idea strikes. on and on. I just thought this was normal. But to the poor outside, in my case, my un-warned extended family; it looked like: A unwashed ragged woman -crochet, crochet, crochet; huff, humming, talking; bang bang bang on the calculator, rip rip, more scratchy noises, huff and puff, crochet, then lunatic screaming. They just didn't understand that I actually love the process of writing. In their very sweet way, they tried to help.

First huff: Family member. "Mmm, Robyn do you want some breakfast?" Me: "No I'm fine I got coffee."
First puff: FM, "Hey Lets go for a walk." Me: "No thanks, I'm in a groove."
Next sputter: FM, "You need a break, let's go to a movie." Me: "No thanks, I'm happy here."
Next humming: FM, "Come on, you have been in that chair all morning; lets go do something fun." Me: "No really I am perfectly happy."
Whoopee: FM, "OMGoodness, are you all right? What happened?" Me (gushing) :" Im great- fantastic- i figured out my shoulder increase- oh its so easy......................(10 minutes of my babbling to my poor family who thinks I have officially lost it)."

Ooops. It totally took me all day to realize why they thought I was miserable. I can be such a dummy-

Still it was a great few days- lots of fun things happened. One of the highlights was definitely this sweater. More on that later.

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Annette said...

Soooo funny. And true!

The only thing that suprises me is that you can do this with other people around. I have to be alone, or else I will start yelling at anyone trying to "help" me.

This of course means there is noone around to know I'm a genius when I work somehting out...