The grannies got me.

Progress of afghan
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So while checking out all my WIP this weekend, one in particular kept calling my name.

The old granny square afghan for dad. It wanted to be done. May be it was because it uses my Grandma's old yarn, may be because its in bright colors. Who knows, but I was sucked in and it started to work on me. See I thought, "well lets just see how many grannies I still need, that will not be too dangerous". 16. "Only 16!, that's not much at all". "I bet I could finish this in a month"

What was I thinking. Why did I let it lure me into its cuteness? I do have a ton of other crocheting I need to do. Yet instead of worrying about neck openings and waist shaping, I'm pondering "should I join this with DC or SC, should I do a big or small border, lacy or plain?". On and on, my brain churns this all night long. Oh you granny, you got me. I don't have the strength to fight you.


Lisa said...

You're too funny! The shear amount of crocheting you do blows my mind! And that's why you're the crochet goddess you are!

SAM said...

Who knew crochet could be so subversive? Luring us in with cuteness and endless possibilities! I LOVE the colors and how cool is it that it is your grandmother's yarn?! I have never been a motif crocheter because of the repetition, but it looks like you have mixed up the squares as well as the colors. Hmmmm.....

Robyn said...

Thanks, Sheryl.

My Grandma had amazing colors in her stash. We all always had the jazziest blankets growing up.

And Lisa, if only there was a universe when I really could crochet to my hearts content!

Kellycat said...

Wow that is beautiful. I agree you get alot of crocheting done. I should make a habit again of working while watching TV.