What's cookin'

What's cookin'
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My sweater.

Ok so I'm not really cookin my sweater. I'm just giving it a nice cold bath in SOAK. Yes, this was at 11:30 last night, when I'm sure normal people are getting ready for bed. I was weaving in my last end and immediately filling up the pot and finding pins.
Yes, Pins.
Again, normal people are brushing their teeth and or something.
I am laying out this soppy mess on a towel. Rolling out the water.
Then smushing and stretching it back to the shape I want it to be in. Pinning it down to dry.
Why would I go though all this trouble?

This is why: Watch the stiff and scratchy fabric go to soft and drapy.


Its your friend.

For girls like me who can't afford to look like they are carrying an extra 15 lbs. Blocking is our friend.

I block all my garments. I know its a pain and you don't like it. But you are totally missing out.

Your acrylic skirt and actually move with you, if you steam it. Your wool vest doesn't have to leave rug burns on your neck if you spray block it. Really, blocking is your friend.

It sure woo-ed me tonight, as it does every night I block.


Amy O'Neill Houck said...

This is so cute! What *is* that yarn? And what is it for?

Robyn said...

The yarn is Louet Kidlin. Its a mohair linen blend. The linen gets nice and soft in the bath, while the mohair stays fuzzy and doesn't get matted.