Mail Call

Got to love coming home from work to a fanastic package like this: 300 Crochet Motifs and 300 Crochet Stitch patterns
I have been looking forward to these coming for a month, now. And I can tell you they were worth every penny and every day I waited. I can not tell you how impressed I am with the layout of the stitches and clear diagrams. Every motif has a stitch diagram, but then they go on to show some different ways you can join the motifs together. No translating from Japanese needed, the layouts are just that clear. As you know, I love playing with motifs- and the joining can have just as cool effects as the motif.
Speaking of, this weekend the wedding bolero will be making its first appearance with the bride. Lets all hope that she gives it the 2 thumbs up and we can be covered at the wedding!
I ordered the books from yesasia.com. Their price was reasonable with free shipping. But it does take about a month to come. I can not tell you how jealous I am of people that have local markets that they can get their hands on Japanese Craft books in person. SO jealous!
Off to the airport. Do you think I need clothes for the weekend? All I packed was a carry-on bag full of yarn, these books, and hooks. I hope my friends brought extra toothpaste.

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Katie said...

The bride loved it :) Was there ever any doubt?