Sneak Peak Monday

Hi Everyone! I'm back from my cross country trip to CA. A bit tired and jet-lagged, but really happy. I'll wait to tell you all about the show, because I am super excited to show you my latest project.
This cutie is for CT. Its a diamond patterned top. The stitch repeat is easy to master, and even though it has waist and neck shaping, I know you all will be able to whip them out. I'm sure you will notice right away that it has a knitted border, no worries. We will have directions for a crocheted one too. (And just between you and me, I think the crochet border is a better design. But that's just my 2 cents.) I really like this design, its super fun to wear.
Off to unpack.

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Ginny said...

Robyn - I love this one too! What book is this one going to be in? I can't wait for all these Fall books!