Book Progress- The beginning

January 22, 2007 Book
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We have a tiny house, and my office doubles as the spare room/ yarn storage. Since my yarn takes over the room, I didn't have any wall space left to pin up my sketches. So I doubled my yarn cubbies, into pin- up space. I love walking by and seeing my very own book all laid out for me. Its made getting to work on time very hard, but a lot of fun to play with sketches and swatches. Each project has its own plastic bag, so I can throw in notes and bits of yarn whenever, and keep my thoughts somewhat organized.

As you can see I am moving along pretty well on ideas. Actually I have all the projects for the book in my head, and now I'm slowing extracting them and getting them into swatch and sketch form. It is so exciting to see how many ideas I have and how excited I am about each one!

This weekend will be a huge swatching weekend mixed with writing another sweater pattern for another book contribution. Oh, and I can't wait to show you that one, its made with this gorgeous angora blend. (so soft, so expensive looking) Its turning out really pretty, even though I think I'm allergic to the yarn. Oops. That's why they invented turtlenecks right?


Stefanie said...

OOH! I love the cubbies and how organized you are.

Amie said...

You're writing a book? Ya learn something new every day. THAT'S SUPER COOL. I hope to get on one someday (when I'm less busy with my regular job..ack!). Until then, I'll just live vicariously through you. ;-)

Lisa said...

ooh! that makes the whole book thing look so organized and fuN! i know your book will ROCK! ~L