Snowflake Cards

Australian Women's Weekly has a pattern up on crocheting snowflakes to cards for the holidays.

One year, I made a few of these, and they really are a hit. So if you need a little personalized cards this year, and have some time on your hands, Go for it. It's really worth it.

Other holiday items that I made and people always comment on:

Knitted stocking for new baby in the family (every year my sister tell me how special it is that my niece has something so handcrafted for her stocking)

Crocheted mitten ornaments (my sister-in-law just told me yesterday how she likes them so much, and after a few years that she has had them, that she really would like to learn how to make them)

Crocheted poncho/ kids blanket (my one niece "loved" hers so much, that some emergency sewing had to commence to save the woobie)

People love handmade gifts, not the thrown together kind (unless you are under 8yrs old) but the ones that are obliviously took you time. I've never had one go under appreciated. How about you? What has been your biggest "hit"?

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