Sneak Preview Monday times two

I know I did a big oops by forgetting you Fans of the Sneak Preview Monday series, I terribly missed last week. I am so sorry that I am giving you 2 this week, and one day early none the less.

First up are these set of swatches. They are made with Coat's Silkessence. And for you clever folks, you will notice that they combine crochet and knitting. Yup, It does occur in my house that sometimes I am known to knit, but not often. (As you can obviously see by my stitch work). Even with that, I am still incredibly excited about this project. It is for a pretty popular magazine that will show both a knit and crochet ribbing option in the pattern. How cool, right. So bi-texturals can have something for their creative minds too; yet still serving the loyal crocheters really well.
Second up are these pretty flowers. All I can say is they are not finished in this picture, and I hope that when I can show you the finished project, you will think me clever. or not, but I you can know I am excited.
This week will be unbelievably busy for me at Crochet By Faye. I apologize early for my minimal posting. But if all goes well, you will be hearing a lot more secrets from me soon.
I wish you all a very Happy New Year.
I hope 2007 brings you love, joy, and many crafty fun times!

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Pam said...

I love your "sneak previews"!! Happy crocheting in the new year! -Pam