Fiber Friends in Print

While drinking my coffee this morning, I was flipping through some fiber magazines and got all excited to see a couple of my friends work. Its so neat to see names you know, and be SO excited about their projects. Needless to say, I have to give them a huge "Well Done". Here are two of my friends' projects in mags this month.

Vashti Braha's Skirt and Wrap in Jan 07 Crochet!

All I can say is if its possible to have something be adorable and sexy at the same time, she did it. Now, I was lucky enough to see these in person at the CGOA conference in July, and I still am adoring them. I totally see the wrap being the perfect prom/ bridal dress accessory.

Amy Swenson's Sweater in IK

I loved this sweater, probably because its reversible. How great is that. Especially if you are like me (and tend to get messy really easily), you have double the amount of time you can wear it before washing it! The only down side was the model they chose, the poor guy is a bit small, but we all can tell that and I don't even need to say that, duh Robyn. I have to say, too, that this issue was fantastic in general. There must have been at least 10 projects, I'd make right now, if I ever had free time.

Anyway, its just such a thrill to see people you really like producing great projects, isn't it?

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Vashti Braha said...

Your entry about my skirt and roses set made my day! Thank you for taking the time to blog it up. My issue didn't arrive as quickly as yours so it was great to see the pics of it here. That Bliss yarn (Caron) is heavenly to work with. It satisfies my endless craving for angora, with zero shedding.