When two loves come together...

I *heart* Project Runway.

I'm at nutty fan level.
I hunt for blogs, websites, articles.
I scour the contestants websites.
And look what I bumped into:

Angela Keslar from Season3

Check out her crocheted gown. Its made from an old crocheted tablecloth, that she dyed and reformatted it to this great gown. How DIY. I love it.

And speaking of runway. Check out this nifty feature of NY Magazine. They conveniently tagged the looks from the runway with crochet. How great! Like this cute cardi from James Coviello, who has tons of crochet in his collection.

Got to run, more to catch up on!


Pam said...

You find and post some of the coolest stuff!

Sheila said...

Oh I am an avid fan of Project Runway... btw there was a crochet piece that Jay McCarroll did, which was a silver gray poncho..Angela's dress is awesome.

Robyn said...

Thanks Pam! It's from my boredom at work. Thank goodness for internet access at lunch.