Fall Crochet at Saks

I love crocheted clothes. It must be the homey feel mixed with the latest style. I especially love seeing them at major department stores. Knowing that other designers were so moved too.

Here are some of my favorite this Fall at Saks Fifth Avenue.

James Coviello's Crocheted Sweater Coat. Check out the pockets, too cute.

Milly's Crochet Lace Dress. Great combo of motifs and empire waist.

Miu Miu's Crochet Frame Handbag. Couldn't help myself here. It just makes me chuckle. I made my niece a lamb with this technique a few years ago. And that's all I see here.

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Pam said...

I love that coat and the dress! Judging by fashion mags and runways, knit and crochet items are still hot and have no signs of slowing down!