Dahlia Days

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I had no idea that a tiny 2 day vacation would throw me off so much.

I tend now to sit and stare at this beautiful picture of the Flower markets at Pike's Place in Seattle. And wait for my motivation to kick back in to get moving on my next renovation project here at job number 1.

Of course my motivation for crocheting is bursting! I have received some mighty great news lately, and this fall is going to be busy with tons of great projects. I am so jazzed to get started. Plus, here in Cincy the weather gods finally realized that it is indeed Fall and the temp has started to drop! I LOVE when it gets chilly. I start dreaming about all sorts of yummy warm wool, alpaca, and cashmere.

But alas, that's job number 2.

So I'm back to staring at the Dahlias.

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