TNNA, Here I come!

I am so excited that this weekend I will be traveling to Indianapolis to attend the TNNA's summer convention. I have been my usual nutty self this week, with packing, organizing business cards and portfolios, and of course, obsessing what to wear. Why? Well, all the top yarn companies, craft publishers, and other fellow designers will be there. And heaven forbid, I make some huge craft faux pas. So my poor body has been going nuts because one minute I'm a nervous nelly worrying about what to bring, the next I am in la-la land daydreaming about all the wonderful people and sumptuous yarns I am going to see.

But mainly, I am just totally stoked. I here that Indianapolis is a really neat city too. And my hotel appears to be quite nice (who doesn't love spoiling themselves with a room with a comfy bed?) So besides meeting everyone, seeing all the new yarns, and spoiling myself; they are also display this crochet artist's work. I have mentioned him before with his crocheted toolbelt, but this showcase has so much more. Check out Talking Crochet for more information.

Can't wait to tell you all what and who I meet!

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Kim Werker said...

I can't wait to meet you!