This is so disgusting!

So I was reading the girl from Auntie blog this morning, and she was discussing some major trouble she was having with an eBay seller that was selling HER WORK! So I surfed over and checked out the ebay seller, and the very first item I clicked - crochet tops- it definitely in copyright violation! Go ahead and look- it is definitely Celia by Berroco. I definitely doubt that Berroco would give them permission to sell a free pattern. Anyway, its is really scary for us designers that work so hard in the first place, then to have someone sell our work. Ugh, it just turns my stomach.

PLEASE pass the word along to any designers you know to go check this out. I swear I have seen more of these projects from some of us, I just can't remember who they all belong to. Oh its just so upsetting! If it is you, go check out VeRO by eBay. There are forms and such to get this seller off of eBay.

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Julie said...

Yep. I found a Lion Brand pattern and forwarded the link to LB. Hopefully, it will get taken care of pronto.