Crafty Crocheter Strikes again and Do I live here?


So I have been pretty quiet lately, reason? I have been studying like MAD for my professional licensing exam (or the PE for those engineers who understand that). The idea of the test is a good one- we all would like to know that our registered engineers (esp- my kind that try to make buildings stand up- or in my case- keep standing up (I deal with old ones)) are competent people, right? Right. Unfortunately, the exam givers have not figured out a way to test on this, so instead they test you on stuff that you haven't done since college (oh- and to qualify to take this you have work professionally as an engineers for at least 5 years-usually) or just don't do. For reasons like, well you own a computer so doing calculus by hand is really not necessary or that designing bridges (that only a very few select people do) isn't at all close to the same methods you use to design buildings. So I have been studying, and studying, and crocheting- Oops how did that slip in there?

In the middle of all this academic wonder, life here in Cincinnati got BEAUTIFUL! So we decided to fire up the old grill, and make some great study food- Kebobs! SO I take a break- chop up all the veggies - go to the draw where the skewers are--- and what? I have mice. EWWWWWWWWWW! At least I didn't see the little vermin- but ugh- that's gross. So after throwing out the entire contents of the drawer, searching the kitchen for more evident of infiltration, setting out traps and poison, I am back at chopped up veggies and no skewers.

So my little crafty brain sets to work- what can a CROCHETer use for kebob skewers, when she doesn't have any? Yup- my knitting needles...

I know that's sacrilege for those knitters out there- but hey, I stink at that craft. And darn it, we were hungry! But fear not, I did have some sense. I used the ones I made from chop sticks- instead of my "good" ones. Still, I was proud of the find- and man, the kebobs were great!


This is what we woke up to this morning...

A JUNGLE! This is a picture of not the local zoo, but my backyard. Man, I bet you all wish you were my neighbors, huh? I feel like we should post a sign, "Watch your step, you may get eaten." To make this clearer, the grass that Faye is playing in is about 12" high, those "plants" in the background are actually weeds that sprang up, and Faye is looking at a huge snake that is about to come behind me and take me away. Ok, not really. But its safe to say, that Faye isn't the only animal out there. So I guess I know what I will be doing today....

Crocheting on the porch, of course. Its too scary out back. : )

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Courtney said...

I have a comment on the knitting needles. I know you are super gifted with crochet, but it still seems just plain wrong..... Mice, gross!