3 Big Reasons I started to write my own Patterns

Number 1: Projects that look so cute in the pictures.... Finished Project fits someone shorter and much much wider then me (like 5" too wide).
Number 2: Projects that look easy and make you want to curl up by a fire..... Finished Project makes me look twice my size; and WAY to warm for any normal human. Unless you live in Alaska, I guess.
Number 3: Projects that look quick. Finished Project is fugly, way out of proportion, and super itchy!

So you may be thinking, "Robyn you just didn't pay any attention to the gauge." Nope, gauge is exactly right. Panels are the exact measurement to the schematics.

Issue? I didn't think about the actual size of the schematics or think about the swatch thickness or itchiness. Nope I plowed on ahead and just crafted pieces that I wouldn't give away to my enemies.

Solution: I totally should have followed the advice of Annette on CrochetMe ( http://www.crochetme.com/Aug_Sept_2005/feat_annette.html ) and made a fabric model to see if the article would actually fit me. Funny thing is, is that I do this when I create a pattern. But almost never do it when I follow a pattern. Second, the swatch! If its itchy or thick or a pain to make, then the piece is never going to be magically light and soft and easy!

So those of you out there like me, I beg of you. Don't be like me, and have shelves of FOs that no one can wear or use! Think twice before you horribly hook.

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none said...

Oh no! Is it possible that the itchy one will soften up when washed?

I like the second one and I don't think it looks too big on you. I actually think it looks really warm.