Love Laugh Crochet Pop-up Store Now Open!

 Love Laugh Crochet is finally OPEN!

Thank you so much for being patient with me while I figured out the online store.  I placed most of the goodies I have left from my booth at Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival online.  As you know, my products are all things that I myself would buy at local yarn festivals and shops.  There is a mix of tshirts, bags, mugs, and other extras. I also have a few crochet kits for some of my online patterns.

All the tshirts feature the same "love laugh crochet" logo.  They are all printed locally here in Pittsburgh.  I designed this tshirt for the 2015 Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival to wear in the booth on a whim.  The following year I made more for all my mannequins to wear and the next year we sold out of the tshirts with in the first day of the market.  I now own 6 of them and wear them nearly every day.  They all feature one of my own stitch diagrams from one of my patterns.  All printing is in antique white, lighter then an offwhite.  They come in Ladies size, Unisex size, and Premium super soft.  More styles will be added after this year's Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet show.   

Besides tshirts, I have lots of other goodies.  There are project bags.  Perfect size for bringing any project on the go.  Or just showing your love of crochet on your next outing. There are 11oz white ceramic mugs.  I tend use mine as a pencil holder on my desk to hold all my crochet hooks that I am forever losing.   I have grocery bags, notecards, post-it notes too. 

My favorite things on the site are the crochet kits.  I used yarn from a few of my favorite people in the industry.  Quantities are very limited after the last show, but there are a few really wonderful ones left.  I had a hard time sharing some of them, wanting to keep the yarn for myself!  I offer free winding by request.  Just leave a note in the comment area when checking out. 

Kristin Omdahl Yarns
I have 3 kits with Kristin's yarn.  I can't get enough of bamboo yarn!  I just love the way it wears. 

Dortchen Filet Shawl Kit that uses 2 hanks of Be So Sporty
Julia Colorwork Cowl  kit that uses 2 full hanks and 2 mini balls of Be So Brave
Wee Bonnie Shawl Kit that uses 1 hank of Be So Fine

ModeKnit Yarns
I have 4 kits in Annie and Kathleen's beautiful yarns.  I adore them, and their yarns are so soft and wonderful to crochet with.  Annie's colors are inspired by TV shows, and she hits it right on the head!  I have a lot of their wonderful yarn in my studio.  I can't get enough!

Gustav Tunisian Chevron Crochet Kit uses 2 hanks of ModeWerk DK, one in a flow transition color and one in a solid color
Opal Solomon's Knot Cowl Kit uses 1 hank of ModeLux which is ridiculously soft.
Allegheny Cable Cowl Kit uses 2 hanks of ModeWerk DK
Eda Anne Colorwork Shrug uses 5 hanks of ModeWerk DK, 4 in different flow colors and 1 in a solid color.  (I only have 1 left) 

Stunning String Studio
I very few kits left of the amazing Cindy's yarns.  Not to worry, she has a number on her site too.  Her yarns are wonderful to crochet with and make the projects truly stand out.  Luckily, this year at Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival we will be next to each other.  I can't wait!

Butler Street Cowl Kit uses 1 hank of Serenity (one of the most beautiful yarns I have worked with)

I do have one kit left of Cateline Motif Shawl and Floating Shawl.  I just need to re-shoot the photos.  Will be up soon.

Please let me know what you think of the pop-up shop.  Anything you want to see me feature?  Anything you wish I had?  I am all ears! Please drop me an email and let me know!