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Celtic Cross Wrap by Laurinda Reddig
 Today I would like to introduce you to Laurinda Reddig.  A very creative crocheter that you are going to love.  You may be familiar with her book Reversible Color Crochet, a wonderful collection of color crochet designs.  She also has a wonderful new book, The Secret Stitch a Crochet Companion, which is a joint project with The Secret Stitch the book.  Laurinda helps bring the characters to life with her historically inspired creations from the book.  Be sure to stop by her website, at least to see the dress she made for her sister's wedding.  Its stunning!

In Vintage Modern Crochet, Laurinda designed a lovely filet shawl, Celtic Cross Wrap.  It is lightweight, yet warm from the soft merino wool from Mrs Crosby's yarn line.  The best part is the filet design, its like a secret surprise when the wrap unfolds.  I love filet, its a simple technique that just seems to fly off my hook.

We got to chat last week about crochet, here's some of our conversation:

RC: What is it about crochet that inspires you to design in it?
LR: I love being able to imagine something in my head, and create it with hooks and yarn, whether three dimensional toys for my kids or flat images in reversible intarsia. Crochet stitches just make sense to me, like building blocks to make the things real.

RC: What is one of your favorite techniques in crochet?
LR: I don’t think I can choose just one. I’ve always loved trying new things, so I’m always trying something new. Most recently I did my first Irish Crochet project, my sister’s wedding dress (I seldom start small). Now I really want to explore more about traditional Irish Crochet, and play with it more, but who knows what will be next.

RC: What was the last item that you made for yourself (in any craft)?
LR: I designed my first sweater with long sleeves this spring, for myself. I have about a dozen sweaters in my head, so hope to start designing more, if I ever make the time for it. Your sweater book was a great reference when I was trying to figure out how sleeves should be shaped, I even took a knit sweater class to learn about shapes and how the pieces fit together (though I don’t really knit).

RC: What other crafts do you love?
LR: I used to say that trying new crafts was my favorite hobby. But these days if I make time for anything besides crochet, it’s either related to other fiber crafts or crafting with my kids. I learned to spin working the Renaissance Fairs nearly 20 years ago and still enjoy it, and needle felting is one that both my kids enjoy too.

Close up detail of filet stitches in
Celtic Cross Wrap
RC: What was your inspiration behind your design in Vintage Modern Crochet?
LR: When you said you needed something in Filet Crochet, I remembered when I first discovered Filet back in college. I started with my initial, then jumped right into designing a Grateful Dead Bear for the guy I ended up marrying. I’d only ever done filet in the traditional white thread. So I thought it would be really fun to do a Wrap in a nice hand-dyed single ply yarn, and take the Celtic Knotwork I had been playing with in cables and intarsia in a different direction with filet instead.

RC: What is next for you?  Where can people see more of your work?
LR: I am currently designing for the Ficstitches Yarns Crochet Kit Club. A joint project with two of my good friends, an author and a hook-carver, which allows me to work with awesome yarns from local hand dyers. So, that keeps me pretty busy, coming up with designs inspired by stories from author C. Jane Reid. In fact, we just released books of her novel from our first 3 kits in 2015, and my patterns from those kits, plus 6 more accessories all inspired by her characters. You can find my newest book The Secret Stitch A Crochet Companion on Amazon.

My next new pattern, Robin’s Wings, will be released on Ravelry in the next few weeks. It is a shawl I designed for my aunt who has just completed chemo for breast cancer. She also teaches meditation and had been asking for a lightweight shawl to use in her practice. But with the chemo she has had to take a lot of time off of work. So all my sales from this particular pattern will go to help her get through this difficult time.

Here is where you can find more Laurinda:

Her Website, ReCrochetions
Ficstittches Yarns Crochet Kit Club

Thank you Laurinda for chatting with me!  I don't know about all of you, but I can't wait to see what they come up with next over at FicStitches.  That sounds awesome!

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