Interweave Crochet Coloring Book

While in Loveland for YarnFest a few weeks ago, I got to see Interweave's newest coloring book.  And from the moment I saw it, I thought BRILLIANT!



Interweave Crochet Team took some of the most beautiful stitch diagrams they had from over the years, and exploded the stitches so you can color in them.  We all know that stitch diagrams can be quite the work of art when done with care.  Now you can color them to make them even more stunning.

But what made me shout out BRILLIANT, was not another pretty coloring book; which it is.  But the fantastic color scheme tool that it can be.  Every stitch is exploded so you can color within it, but it still keeps similar thickness of weight of each stitch.  Meaning, when you color each round, you can use it to plan out the color you want in your project.  The thicker stitches will have more color and thinner or smaller stitches will have less (think a cluster or shell vs a single crochet or chain).  Now when you color you can see exactly how much the shells or other stitches standout, and how much the chains recede.  Plus, if you color the background, you can test out what shirts your shawl or sweater will look good when worn on top.


I have a terrible time with color.  I might crochet 10 swatches for each color project and be on the fence with all of them.  But with the coloring book idea, I could color my stitch diagrams and really plan my color with out wasting my yarn.

Plus, when I hand a copy to my daughter, I get to envision what her uninhibited self puts together for color.  And we get to giggle and laugh the entire time.

Interweave Crochet has the coloring book for download on their site.  I think its like 8$, great deal for tons of fun.  They also have a free page you can download from their website as well.

I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

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