Yarn Fest 2016

About a month after the giant Pittsburgh Show, I will be heading out west once again to Loveland, CO for Yarn Fest 2016.  It is a beautiful part of the country with lots of friendly, welcoming, and crafty people.  I will be teaching a number of classes there and I hope you can join me for a few!

Here is my lineup:

Thursday 9am-12pm

Do you love crochet stitch dictionaries for their beautiful motifs but do not know what you could do with them? Have you mastered joining a few motifs together in a strip but wanted to know how you could transform that into a sweater or a bag? Then come join me as I walk you through how to build and construct your next project with crochet motifs. I will guide you on how to join square motifs seamlessly, as well as how to spice them up with a fun crochet joining that makes a totally unique fabric. I will show you how a simple trip to your local office supply store can be the key for unlocking those motif sweater layouts. I will break you out of the box with how to lay out hexagon, octagon, or circular motifs. Lastly, I will show you that keeping your old swatches can make joining and filling in voids in your fabric fun. Come join me and get ready to grab your hooks and stitch dictionaries after class to build your next gorgeous crochet motif project.

Unexpected Lace Crochet
Friday 9am-12pm
Tired of the same old crochet patterns? Ready for what’s next? Come with me as we explore the wide world of crochet through fun unusual stitches. We will play with foundation stitches, extended stitches, linked stitches, Solomon’s knots, broomstick, Belgium lace, X stitches, P stitches and more! Just bring your hook, yarn and some basic knowledge of crochet (no matter how rusty) and we will have a ball exploring all the unexpected stitches.

Crochet Finishing Techniques
Friday 130-430pm
You have crocheted all your sweater panels and now what? In this master class, we will answer just that. We will discuss using the right seam, best way to block, and perfect buttonholes. Everything put together and it still looks wonky? No problem. We will talk about ways to fix and straighten even the biggest mistakes. This class is geared to take the beginner sweater crocheter to the next level with just a few simple steps.

Tunisian Color Play
Saturday 9am-12pm
Looking for a woven fabric without the hassle of warping a loom? Then come check out Tunisian Crochet. Even with the simplest stitches, just by adding a bit of color you can have powerful results making the most unique woven like fabric. In class we will review the basics of Tunisian Crochet then dive into adding color. By the end of the class, we all will be masters of color and laughing all along the way.

Beyond the Basics
Saturday 130-430pm
Looking to add a few new skills to your crochet tool box? In this class, you will master crochet color work just from making dressed up stripes that make amazing stitch patterns. We will conquer the post stitch cable and fake cables for stunning textured projects. We will also imagine gorgeous lace fabric from small motifs we can carry with us anywhere. All you need to bring is your yarn, hook and a passion for crochet fun! This class is great if you want to sample a little of a bunch of different techniques.

Crocheting with Color
Sunday 9am-12pm
Come get a taste of how you can get powerful results in all your crochet color work projects! We will discuss the simplicity of mosaic crocheting, the joy of slip stitch embroidery and easy ways to stay on track in charted color. This class will get you excited about color and give you inspiration to go have a color explosion.

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