Knit and Crochet Now! Season 7

This past weekend was filled once again with big bursts of laughter and tons of crocheting.

We just finished filming the next season of Knit and Crochet Now.  There will be a few new faces, but the same great knitting and crochet we all love.  You will notice a change on the set with a bit of new furniture and color, but I am sure you will love everything.

This season we welcome Deborah Norville as our host.  She is very knowledgeable about both knitting and crochet.   I know you will love that she gets just as super excited as we do about new stitches and techniques.  And when she shows you her swatches, those are really her swatches.  She got just as inspired as we all do and had to test a few out.  We all were a bit nervous to meet and work with her, even though we have been filming this show for 9 years (I had to look it up!).  I don't know about everyone, but its my summer camp and I just fake it for a few days each year.  Working with Deborah was just wonderful, she makes you feel so comfortable.  You will see, and will love how knitting and crochet touches all of us.

We also welcome Rohn Strong into the experts.  He will be highlighting knitting, crochet, and Tunisian crochet.  He is very warm and friendly and I think you will like his teaching style.  He and I kept each other laughing all weekend long.  In this picture, Lena says "Be funny" then snaps us.  We couldn't be on set at the same time, because we kept each other giggling.

KCN Selfie on Set
Lena, Ellen, Kristin and I are back to round out the experts.  We are showing a large number of new projects that Candi and Lena designed; as well as a few of our own.  The stitch of the week now will have Ellen, Lena, and Rohn all taking turns showing some fun stitches.  If you still don't know Lena, go check out her work.  She is truly amazing.  She is a chameleon designer that can do anything and everything.  Annie's snapped her up as their resident designer (very smart move), before Annie's she worked with Drops.  She is quite brilliant.  Kristin by now you know, but you must check out the video of her farm on her website.  Truly inspiring.  And of course, Ellen, my Cincinnati buddy.  She and I started working around the same time; and when we lived in Cincinnati I loved that I had her so close by.  She is the nicest most caring person I have ever worked with.  She is happy to help, lend a hand, lend a tissue, or lend an ear.  This picture is so her, of course she is exhausted from traveling, but happy to jump in and block anything.

Backstage and in Make-up we got up to our usual hijinks.  More then one Saturday Night Live Skit was created.

Amanie was our fearless make-up artist again.  She transformed us all into beauties.  She is so amazing.  She always has a new tip for me.  If you look at the group selfie of us (were I did my makeup myself) and the selfie with Amanie; it is night and day.  It's like she has fairy dust and just can poof, transform me from exhausted mommy.

This year we had Voula join us in the dressing room too.  She is an expert hair stylist.  At one point, she looked at me and said very nicely- do you mind if I cut your hair?  No, of course not.  When you have an expert stylist offer to cut your hair you take her up on it.  How often is that going to happen to me?  So if you look closely during the season, my hair will magically shorten 3".

I can honestly say, I never looked better.  Granted it takes a village to make me look presentable; but I will take it.  If you are in need of amazing stylists, LOOK them up.  They are awesome!

KCN Sandi and Kristin Backstage
Backstage we had the lovely Sandi Rosner helping us by running through all the projects and pointing out techniques or other tidbits we could share.  It is always nice to be able to talk with another expert before you film and hear what they think is interesting.

Best is the crew.  We were back at Detroit Public Television with their wonderful staff, crew, and director.  Speaking of Alex, our director, you have to take a look at his pictures from the week too.  It is amazing looking at the show from his eyes.

All in all it was a great week of filming, catching up, and learning new things.  You can see all my photos of the trip at my Flickr Album.  The new season should start airing in January, I will let you know when it does!


Unknown said...

Thanks for your kind words! Great recap! Working with you is always such a treat! You have a great ability to put things in perspective but brilliantly and creatively.

Just Another Old Geezer said...

Love watching you put your skills and intelligence to good use and sharing it with others..Keep up the great work!!